Saturday, April 19, 2014

This Week at House 6 Creations

This is really more of a "the last two weeks at H6C" but that's weird sounding so I'll keep my normal title. Recently I finished up a few hanging plastic grocery bag holders. They are a great way to store all those plastic bags that accumulate, keep them in one place, and make it look pretty all at the same time. I have one hanging in my laundry room and couldn't be happier with it.

*All the plastic bag holders below are on sale at House 6 Creations in the "Ready for You" album for $10 each.*

First up we've got a lime green with white flowers that have a colored center. Super cute and great for a pop of color!

I've got two of these pink with a chocolate brown stripe/checkered pattern (sorry...I can't think of the right word to describe the pattern right now because my brain is fried).

Then there is one of these...I absolutely love this one. I made a similar one as a gift and I can't wait to give it to her. It's a great combo of bright spring colors and patterns that would brighten up any kitchen.
The next set of new items are ACU re-usable sandwich and snack sized bags! All the sandwich sized are $4 each and the snack sized $3. These particular ones are ACU ripstop on the outside and water resistant PUL on the inside. They are great to replace Ziploc bags for lunch time or snacks on the go. You can pick a zipper color to show branch pride (Artillery red, infantry blue... and so on) or just because it's your favorite color. If you'd like to order a different zipper color or multiples in a particular color don't hesitate to contact me!

*They are not completely waterproof/sealed so they are not suggested for any item that contains a lot of liquid.*

Currently in the sandwich size I have one available in each zipper color to include: (Artillery) red, (Infantry) light blue, green, grey, aqua blue (very similar to MI blue), and light pink.

Currently in the snack size I have one available in each zipper color to include: (Support the Troops) yellow, grey, light pink, (Infantry) light blue, and green.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life Right Now

About ten days ago I had things all planned out in regard to blogging, sewing for House 6 Creations, and preparing for The LT to (finally) come home from YTC. As life tends to go, at least for me anyway, just when I think things are going just like I wanted a wrench gets thrown in all my fabulous planning and preparations. While at MOPs two Mondays ago I got a text message saying that a previous co-worker and dear friend had passed away. I didn't see the message until I got in the car and just simply couldn't believe it. Although she had been diagnosed with cancer a while ago everyone that knew her just thought she would always make it through. She was such a positive and joyful lady that there just simply wasn't even a chance she wouldn't beat cancer. I miss her dearly and I hate that I wasn't able to attend her funeral last week. The news of her passing caught me so off guard that I was totally useless for the next two days or so. 

I simply didn't have the heart to blog about what I had planned. I did manage to get some sewing done but didn't get a "This Week at House 6 Creations" post up. Nerium International had their Get Real 2014 conference in St. Louis last week. I had planned on having as much of it as possible streaming on my computer when I was home. That didn't happen. The LT came home Thursday evening and after 10 weeks of him being gone I pretty much threw all work, sewing, housework, blogging, and communication out the window. We spent time just being a family and it was nice....really nice. It's still an adjustment having him back home but I have to admit having a husband again is a pretty good deal. 

I've spent the past two days cooking, sewing, cutting fabric, designing new items for H6C, and catching up on all the exciting news from Nerium. I'm excited to get going with all sorts of things...H6C is picking back up again after being in Texas, I am excited to keep pushing toward my goals (no matter how small they may be) with Nerium, I've got new recipes I'm planning on trying, my husband is home, and I've got a mind full of ideas to blog about. Hopefully I will be able to keep a good balance and accomplish what I want to without neglecting anything...except maybe cleaning the showers because I will look for any excuse to not have to clean them. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

This Week at House 6 Creations

So, I had grand plans of getting 6541383574687 sewing projects for H6C done while The LT is in the field which hasn't quite happened. I have been working on an order for a friend of mine which I was excited to do but it made the Facebook page seem like I wasn't sewing much. I've also been using my extra evening work time to do some reorganizing and spring cleaning around the house which resulted in less sewing time. Now that her order is complete I'm hoping to get at least a few new items completed before The LT comes home. 

Anyway, on to my friend's custom order! She has a family of 5 and had asked me to make a whole bunch of re-usable sandwich and snack bags. We got to catch up for a little while when she joined me at the fabric store to pick out the fabrics she wanted them all made out of. I ended up getting a total of 28 bags made from the fabric she chose. Nineteen are sandwich bag sized and 9 are snack bag sized. I love all the patterns and colors she picked and I hope her family will as well! 
I've also decided to offer sandwich and snack bags for sale individually in addition to as a set. They will continue to be $15 for a set of 4 bags (either 3 sandwich/1 snack or 2/2) and there are currently two sets ready for purchase here. Sandwich bags will be $4 each and snack bags $3 each. Hopefully I will have some up for sale on the page soon. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to order some for your or someone you know! 

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Dear Sweet Baby Girl: 13 months

* Belle turned 13 months old on March 23, 2014*

Dear Sweet Baby Girl,

First of all, you are not much of a baby these days. Every day I see fewer baby characteristics in you and more little girl ones. In the past month you have dropped one of your naps and all of your daytime bottle feedings. You still have a bottle at bedtime which I think you will hang onto for a little while longer. You had your first ER visit this month which was scary for both Mommy and Daddy but you did really well with all the doctors despite not feeling well. Since you got sick not long after we returned from Texas it took you a while to readjust to being home but you eventually did and we are back in our normal routine again. 

In the past month you have improved your sign language by leaps and bounds. You sign "eat" all the time, you can sign "more" but often forget and sign "eat" in its place. Recently you've started doing a really good "all done." You understand the signs  for "water," "thirsty," "up," "yes," and "no." I'm so thankful you have picked up even the few signs you have because it makes it much easier for me to figure out what you want or need. 

"Hi" is still your favorite and only word. You say "hi" to everyone we meet when we are out and your sweet voice always makes people smile. One of your favorite toys is your play phone which you talk on all day long. You are a busy little girl with all the calls you receive. You also love your sweet pea baby doll and little tikes piano. Throughout the day you will also bring me books to read to you which it fun for both of us. 

Daddy was able to come home for a few days this month and even though it took you a little bit to warm back up to him it wasn't long before you were playing and giggling together. We had some sunshine while he was home and you loved playing in the backyard with daddy. Now that you are such a good walker you have come to love playing in the yard or going to the park. You've also become much more affectionate lately giving hugs and kisses all throughout the day. Everyone loves your sweet hugs and precious kisses so keep them coming my love!

Lately, your favorite foods seem to be anything orange to include sweet potato, butternut and acorn squash, peaches, mango, and carrots. You also really enjoy goat cheese whether it be sliced or spread on some toast with a little of mommy's homemade jam. All that being said mealtimes haven't always been easy this month. You went through a picky eating stage for a few weeks and often threw all your food on the floor. You almost always eat a good breakfast but lunch and dinner were challenging for both of us. Sometimes I could tell you were trying to communicate with me on what you wanted to eat but unfortunately your speech hasn't quite caught up to your independence. 

These days you are wearing 18 month sized clothes and have grown out of every single piece of 12 month clothing. You are still wearing a size 4 shoe but I expect for that to change soon. At your 12 month appointment you weighed in at 21 lbs 7 oz (59%) and measured 31.26" (99%)! 

You are growing into such a sweet and funny little girl and I thoroughly enjoy watching you play and grow each day.

Love Always,

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Bit of This and That

Since my brain seems to be full of 100 different things all the time lately I figured I'd give you a bit of this and that from my crazy mind.
  • I finally got a Facebook page up and running for the blog! Go check out House 6 on Facebook!
  • Oh, and I got with the times and created a twitter! Follow me @House6blog !!
  • On a social media note...I also finally got around to having Jane from Poppiness Designs add all my social media to icons to the blog! Check them all out over there -->
  • I HAVE A CAMERA!!! We put part of our tax return toward a fancy pants camera because as you may or may not know we didn't have a functioning camera and had been just using our phones for everything. Well, no longer people! Now to just find the time to figure out how to use it....
  • Speaking of tax return...the rest of that money is going towards a few exciting trips for our little family! As crazy as it is to travel with a toddler I'm looking forward to seeing some of our favorite people this year.
  • Belle is totally gearing up for a growth spurt and is eating NON STOP. She had a huge lunch today and then an hour later was signing "eat"...she's currently half way through a giant banana. I need to weigh her but I can tell she's gained weight because my arms hurt from carrying her which happens every time she packs on some weight before growing like crazy. Also, her cheeks are chubby again, her second chin is re-emerging, and her neck rolls are out in full force...lurve. 
  • I am beyond tired of the rain. We had like a week of absolutely amazing weather only to leave us with crazy rain. I can deal with cold, fog, lack of sun, or even drizzle, but this constant down pour that makes doing anything difficult is wearing on me. 
  • Belle finally has enough hair to do a ponytail! It's kind of a Cindy Lou Who look but it's adorable. Technically she has enough for some crazy pig tails too but they slip out. 
  • The LT's YTC rotation needs to be over. Like yesterday. Sadly, we have a bit longer but I'm so ready for him to be home. 
  • As of March 21st (I think) we have been in Washington for 2 years! Crazy! Also....I'm getting the itch to PCS again. What is wrong with me!?
  • I found an amazing play kitchen with tons of accessories on Craig's List for Belle today. I want it so badly and I am not so patiently waiting on a reply from the seller. Check your e-mail person selling the pink kitchen on Craig's List!!!!!
  • 24 hours later... Found another great kitchen on Craig's List! Answer your e-mails people!!!! KILLING ME! Maybe by the time you all read this Belle will have a kitchen...but maybe not...maybe these people not responding will still be driving me crazy...maybe I'm already crazy. Ok, that last one might actually be true regardless.
  • About 4 hours later... The sellers of the second kitchen called me and I picked up the kitchen Sunday afternoon! **This was originally supposed to post Monday, but I got carried away setting up the kitchen Sunday evening and forgot to finish the post. Then I planned on posting this Tuesday but The LT surprised me Monday evening soooo we are!**
A little preview of the best play kitchen a little girl could ask for. ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Surprise Visit

So Monday I had all sorts of plans to finish up a handful of projects that were all almost completed after Belle went to bed. you can see from my lack of posts this week that didn't happen. Why didn't that happen you ask? The LT surprised me by coming home for a night! He was able to catch the last van back to JBLM from Yakima for the day since he wasn't crucially needed Monday evening and Tuesday morning. Unfortunately he was only able to be home for about 14 hours but it was 14 more than we would have had otherwise. 

His surprise didn't go quite as he had planned because I was giving Belle her bottle before bed when I heard the knock on the door. I didn't immediately go downstairs because I thought it might have been UPS since I heard something (his assault pack) hit the front porch. Next I heard my phone buzz in the bathroom which is when I started to think it might be him. Since I didn't answer the door The LT just unlocked it and came in and even though I was pretty sure it was him I still got a little panicked. I didn't want to throw Belle off her bedtime routine though so after I laid her down I started to go downstairs to see what was going on. Right then The LT called my name as he was coming upstairs. 

I was sad he had missed seeing Belle by just minutes but so glad he was home. As luck would have it though Belle didn't go right to sleep and dropped her paci while playing in her crib. The LT took that opportunity to see her for a minute and give her a few snuggles. This morning he got a few more snuggles when we brought her into bed with us after waking up super early to watch a few cartoons.

All in all...a great surprise visit but I was sad to see him leave this morning. I'm definitely looking forward to having our little family back together again.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Belle's First Birthday Party

As Belle's first birthday approached and I decided that we would throw a party while in Texas I brainstormed with a few friends on a theme for her party. Initially I thought a princess theme would be fun but since she won't even remember this party and it's likely that she will have many princess parties once she gets older I decided to go with a Breakfast at Tiffany's/ Audrey Hepburn theme! It ended up turning out great and even though I threw it away from home I spent under $250 including all the food! 

I searched Etsy for the perfect invite and found several that I loved but ended up going with this one. Stacey was super fast getting the design together and was efficient with the few edits I had. I will definitely look to her for any futures invitation designs we may need. I ordered them through Target photo and picked them up, along with some inexpensive envelopes, while I was out running errands. Here's what they ended up looking like...minus addresses and phone numbers.
Because the party was happening away from home I wanted to keep it simple. Lucky for me Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of simple elegance! I ordered some white mardi gras style beads to look like pearls, Tiffany blue cupcake liners, Tiffany blue tissue paper for decorative pom poms, and an Eiffel tower cookie cutter to use for sugar cookie party favors (because nobody wants to leave with junk they don't want and who doesn't love a cookie!?). I had my friend Jenna, who had been helping with the brainstorming and planning, pick up an Eiffel tower to use as a center piece along with some white and Tiffany blue ribbon before we even arrived in Texas. Once I got there I got some Tiffany blue paper plates, black plastic table cloth, black napkins, and white plastic utensils. Overall I wanted to keep it simple and easy which I feel like I accomplished. You can check out  the "Belle's 1st Birthday" board on Pintrest which was a life saver for finding creative inexpensive ideas!
We rolled the utensils in the black napkins and tied it with a blue ribbon. The sugar cookies (which were delicious) went in clear plastic bags and were tied with a white ribbon. Fortunately, my MIL has a great array of crystal and cut glass serving ware that totally fit with the theme and made the table look amazing. I made sure to have gluten free cupcakes and crackers for my sister and nephew. While grocery shopping for the party I made sure none of the foods (i.e. salsa, guacamole, etc.) that shouldn't have gluten didn't have gluten in them to hopefully prevent my Colleen and Lloyd from getting sick. To my knowledge (unless my sister lied to me) neither of them got sick from any of the food which made the little extra effort totally worth it. I was also glad they could come to a party and have everything everyone else was. Seriously, if you need a dairy, egg, and/or gluten free cake recipe this crazy cake is delicious and super easy. 
As people started to show up it became even more Audrey. I had hoped when making the invitations that people would understand the "In the spirit of Breakfast at Tiffany's please dress in the spirit of Audrey Hepburn" on the invitations. Well, there were lots of skinny jeans, flats, cute black tops, and pearls. Anyone who did't have pearls could throw on a set of beads, which was my intention all along. Everyone looked awesome and I appreciated the little extra effort they all did to go with the theme. 
Belle got some great gifts and thoroughly enjoyed opening her presents. She also had a blast playing with my nephew and the other little boy (the son of a friend from college)who is a few months younger than her. There were plenty of giggles to go around. 
The surprise, was that The LT, Jenna, and my MIL had all conspired ahead of time to let The LT wish Belle happy birthday himself. Sometime after he left for the field he recorded a video and sent it to Jenna. She brought her computer to the party and shocked me when she brought up a video of him. Belle kept trying to touch him in the computer which both warmed and broke my heart. 
A HUGE thank you needs to go out to my friends Stacey, Jenna, and Nyla for helping me prep for the party and clean up afterwards. Stacey stayed up late with me the night before baking and worked her butt off all morning. Jenna ran errands for me a head of time and then was a worker bee the minute she arrived at my MIL's house before the party. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to pull it all off without them. I am also beyond thankful for all the lovely people in my life who traveled both long and short distances to help celebrate Belle's birthday. It was sad to not have The LT there and I know it broke his heart to miss her first birthday but at least I was surrounded by such wonderful people. 
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